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Krithikk Engineering & Trading Co., is a Gearing Solution provider. We Manufacture & provide comprehensive services for all Industrial/ Windmill Gears & Gearboxes. Besides our general offerings such as Spare parts Services, repair & maintenance, technical support, and various retrofit and modernizing options.

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Why to choose Krithikk ?

Quality without Compromise

The quality of our products is never been compromised and it kept as our first priority in every order

24/7 Customer Service

Our Company offers 24/7 Customer Service to all our Customers and ready to work at your place at just a call

Resonable Price

Our Company charges no more extra Charges than required and everything is transparent throughout the dealing

Experienced Technicians

As a Company, we have technicians with more than 25 years of experience in the field

Our Offerings


Standard gearbox built just for your need


Gearbox Spares, bearings, Oil seals, what not ?


On-site? In-house? Any industry, we got it


Customized Gearboxes/ Retrofits. Name it we do it for you

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